Box Gallery

One day, I saw a photo that children were playing boxes and putting them up.

Cute and lovely children showed constitutive shapes.

It tells anyone can design.

They knew how to create box couture and experimental garments.

You meet the designs of the pieces linked by joint details and silhouettes through what they did.

The collection, Box Gallery, is filled with the moment of cute, lovely, and experimental.

"Anyone can cook." by Auguste Gusteau. (2007). Ratatoille

Peti-Romee Mullink, Julia Schuringa, Danila Pietersz,

Ellie Elizur, Meike Woning, Djena Detmers,

Julie Czaszewicz, Lizanne Damstra, Cheyenne Uittenboogaard,

Miriam, Liselot, Sophie Prins,

Julie, Faye Van Hest, Emma Bogard

Scenography by
Studio Akatak and Scott Robin Jun

Choreography by

Kevin Murphy

Ellis Faas

Photographed by
Team Peter Stigter